Baby Massage is an ancient tradition in many cultures, where massaging children regularly from just a day or two after they are born is still practised. Baby massage helps babies recover from birth, develop good sleep patterns, obtain relief from colic and even, in the case of pre-term babies, gain weight. Baby massage encourages feelings of wellbeing and can also assist with pain relief.

About the Classes

Regular baby massage provides the perfect opportunity for baby and carer to spend some uninterrupted quality time together, enjoying an activity whilst strengthening the bond.

New babies enjoy, need and crave touch, massage and reflexology, complement each other and are two of the most popular touch therapies offering many physiological and emotional benefits. By observing some basics rules, you as the giver, will gain more confidence and this in turn, will make your baby more relaxed.

Alison offers a five week course in baby massage, where parent and baby attend to learn the massage routine in order to practise regularly at home.

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During the course, Reflexology techniques and Aromatherapy oils are also discussed as aids to recovery from specific childhood ailments and for relaxation. The cost of the course is £40 which includes massage oil and notes.

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  • Alison started practicing Massage Therapies in 1998, and then went on to broaden her knowledge by doing further specialist courses and has a particular passion for Pregnancy Massage and is a Baby Massage instructor 

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