8 week Stress Reduction Course (based on mindfulness meditation)

With experienced Meditation facilitator and Holistic Therapist - Jacqui Bastock

Most of us live in a world full of things that just have to be done. Our busy mind continually pulls us from 'pillar to post' from what happened yesterday or an hour ago, to our worries about what might or might not happen tomorrow. Even at night it can be difficult to stop the chatter and move into relaxed and restful sleep.

Developing a regular Meditation practice can significantly reduce tension and stress levels, lower high blood pressure, reduce pain and aid the healing process. In addition, it can increase our ability to focus our attention. Through Meditation practice we begin to develop a level of inner quiet, creating a 'quiet space' that gives us the opportunity to choose, whether we 'act or react' in stressful situations.

8 Week Programme

  • Week 1 : Introduction to the Course

    What is stress? What is mindfulness meditation? Outline of the next 8 weeks. Breathing and Relaxation. A Commitment to yourself
  • Week 2 : Mindfulness and Relaxation

    Purposefully move from 'doing' and practice 'being', relaxing into the present moment.
  • Week 3 : Self supporting attitudes

    Breathing mindfully, establishing your practice. The 7 attitudes for self-support including giving to ones-self as well as to others.
  • Week 4 : The Beginners Mind

    Relaxation and meditation practice. What is a Beginners Mind? Introducing a weekly calendar
  • Week 5 : Trust and Patience

    Relaxation and meditation practice. Learning to be patient with ourselves and trust our own inner wisdom.
  • Week 6 : Non-striving and non-judging

    Relaxation and meditation practice. The benefits of developing attitudes of non-striving and non-judging towards meditation practice.
  • Week 7 : Walking Meditation and Letting go

    Relaxation and meditation practice. A walking meditation, learning to let go.
  • Week 8 : Acceptance and Reflection

    Relaxation and meditation practice. Seeing things as they are and making choices. Next steps.

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