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Tai Chi is often described as a moving meditation. This is because it combines movement with one of the essential ingredients of any kind of contemplation or meditation - that is calm and regular breathing. When the breath is still and centred, the mind becomes tranquil. When the mind is still, the body becomes calm also. The blood pressure decreases, the heart-beat regulates itself, the breathing deepens and the organs and vessels of the body are nourished in a steady, sustainable way.

All of these changes to our normal frantic daily activity, even when looked at in isolation, are very relaxing. Combined in the daily routine of a Tai Chi form or of a Qi Gong session, they become extremely beneficial and calming.

About the Class

It is this regular, daily cultivation of relaxation which adds up, over time, to accustom the mind and body to stay cool and to deal with stress as it happens.

This ancient Oriental exercise, and the philosophy that underlies Tai Chi, therefore helps us keep on top of situations, enabling us to take advantage of the positive energies of Nature while at the same time neutralizing any negative energies we might encounter - for example, the negative energies and aggression of other people, or the negative energies within ourselves, such as fear, doubt, greed and anger.

Because Tai Chi uses the principle of "soft limit" (i.e. avoiding the use of any unnecessary effort or stretching) it is an ideal form of exercise for any body, regardless of age, or physical strength and is often recommended as an aid to recovery following illness or injury.

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