Supporting Your Self-belief Through Positive Change

The Benefits of Coaching for Clients with Mental Health/Stress/Anxiety issues
By Sarah Trueman of Clearlight Coaching

Coaching is a vehicle. Like any vehicle it takes you from where you are to where you want to be, wherever that is. As such it is focused on the present and future, and on positive solutions. It isn’t therapy or counselling, although in my personal experience, the outcomes can definitely be therapeutic and make me feel much more positive about myself and my future! The focus is on clearly in the present and on finding solutions “behaving our way to new outcomes” rather than analysing the past.

There is no limit on the kind of issue that can looked at with coaching, from personal development, to finding a job you really enjoy, overcoming fears, coping with emotional upheavals, managing stress, reducing anxiety and improving health. Rather than thinking and feeling “I can’t” “I am useless” “It’s all too much”; through coaching, clients can break down tasks into manageable units, bring in strategies to relax and de-stress and focus on what they can control.

We are all innately positive and empowered individuals, but sometimes, through the process of different life experiences, we learn to limit ourselves and say “I can’t”, “It’s not possible”, “It’s too difficult”. Clearlight Coaching enables people to overcome these limiting beliefs and create the live we know we are capable of living our true potential.

Often when experiencing any mental health issues, we can feel lacking in energy, despondent, as though even simple things are beyond us. Coaching puts everything into a realistic process and puts you in the driving seat, and that sense of empowerment helps you feel better.

Clearlight Coaching uses an Appreciative Inquiry approach to focus on the positive in your life and encourage you to empower your strengths, rather than on what isn’t working. This moves the mind in a positive direction and brings energy and enthusiasm.

Clearlight Coaching works on a deeper spiritual level, enabling you to value yourself for who you are, not what you do, whilst at the same time enabling the step by step achievements that naturally make you feel good.

It sees the courage, strength and heart at the centre of your emotional maelstrom and offers a gentle hand of support through that journey.

Clearlight Coaching offers free initial 40 minute discussion to establish if coaching is right for you and give you a personal quote without obligation. You can expect a professional and confidential service that respects you and your journey.

A session is normally 1 and a half hours long. During this time, you will look at your aims, and you yourself will find out what the best solution is for you to achieve them. Everyone is an individual; for some people, one session is enough to give them the impetus to get started, whereas others may need several session. However, the transformation only starts with the coaching session!

By being a Clearlight Coachee, you commit to being an active creator of your own future, so you will be setting yourself actions to move further towards your goal within a specific time period, and bringing your creative energy into those between sessions.