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Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage is a combination of the use of therapeutic oils extracted from natural plant matter in order to encourage good health, equilibrium and well being and relaxing massage.

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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage is a luxurious full body massage which involves channelling healing energy into a deeply relaxing & flowing massage. It leaves you feeling beautiful inside and out and is a dynamic synergy of Lomi Lomi Massage and Kahuna Bodywork

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Holistic & Deep Tissue Massage

Holistic Massage is an individual treatment that is specifically tailored to each client. The holistic approach aims to restore balance within the body taking into account the whole being not just their physical symptoms or ailments. Our therapists use a wide range of massage techniques from subtle energy work to deep tissue methods. Massage speeds up the natural healing processes of the body, calming the mind and settling emotions. Every treatment is unique.

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Indian Face Massage

The stresses of modern day life can be reflected in the face by causing muscles to constrict and tighten. Aches and pains around the eyes, neck and jaw demonstrate that the natural energy of the body is not flowing freely. This facial rejuvenation technique helps to ease restrictions and lift up the face gently allowing the tissue to regain it's elasticity and sheen.

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Indian Head Massage

Covering the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp and face, this massage will lift you out of the stresses of daily life and provide you with a solution for those aching, tense muscles. It will leave you feeling relaxed and calm, yet energised and alert. During the treatment you will remain seated and fully clothed. This works well in combination with other forms of therapies.

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Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage is a deep tissue massage, often in a localised area which is used in the treatment of sports and occupational injuries to improve flexibility and mobility, to reduce pain and to aid recovery and strength. As well as elite athletes, it has a growing following amongst recreational athletes.

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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage therapy is the classic type of massage that most people are familiar with. It is primarily designed to relax the body, but also helps to reduce tension and to improve blood flow through the body.

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You can find a number of massage and massage therapies at the Natural Health Centre. You may be looking for treatment for a sports related injury or for a general massage to give you complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing. Whatever your needs, our therapists can provide the perfect massage for you.

Find the Massage for You

You can find the details of all the massage treatments we offer at the Natural Health Service on this page. You can select the one you are interested in and make the booking from the page.

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