The stresses of modern day life can be reflected in the face by causing muscles to constrict and tighten. Aches and pains around the eyes, neck and jaw demonstrate that the natural energy of the body is not flowing freely. This facial rejuvenation technique helps to ease restrictions and lift up the face gently allowing the tissue to regain it's elasticity and sheen.

What can you Expect from an Indian Face Massage?

During the treatment over 90 face and neck muscles are carefully massaged, acupressure points are activated and energy blockages are released. This restores a sense of balance to the system and allows the body's innate healing energy to work.

A course of treatment is recommended.

What are the Benefits?

  • More mobile and youthful looking face
  • Lessens appearence of wrinkles and expression lines
  • stress and tension release of muscles
  • relaxes face
  • gives vibrancy to the skin
  • enhances a feeling of well being
  • promotes total relaxation
  • Helps headaches and eyestrain

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