Sports massage is a deep tissue massage, often in a localised area, which is used for the treatment of sports and occupational injuries to improve flexibility and mobility, to reduce pain and to aid recovery and to maintain strength. As well as elite athletes, it has a growing following amongst recreational sportsmen and women and with those experiencing occupational injuries. It is used by many active people who have been injured playing sport

Sports massage therapy involves manipulating muscles and other soft tissues to reduce tension and discomfort. Many techniques are used to improve and aid movement and to speed recovery.

What does it Involve?

Sports and remedial massage involves the application of deep pressure to manipulate and stretch the muscle and connective tissue. With the aid of specific stretches and exercises, it helps to improve and maintain mobility and strength. By working on deeper muscle tissue in a localised area it improves flexibility and mobility.

It can be used to pre-event to optimise an athlete's performances, or post event to speed recovery by eliminating toxin build up, promoting good fibrous repair and improving venous and lymphatic circulation.

The Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

SSports massage can help you if you have suffered from a sports injury or you need to make sure you are in peak condition for your next event.

  • Reduction in stiffness and fatigue
  • Increased flexibility and mobility
  • Helps to remove metabolic waste
  • Improves tissue repair

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It is suitable for everyone from 10 years.

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