This healing technique was formalised by the Japanese theologist Dr. Mikao Usui, He Called It Reiki after a Japanese word meaning universal life energy.

Each of us recognises, on some level, that we are more than just the bodies we inhabit and that there is a subtle energy that makes us complete and whole. When we are ill or feel low our energy feels depleted or out of balance. Reiki addresses this condition and works to bring back harmony and balance both physically and emotionally.

What Reiki involves

While enjoying a full Reiki treatment you will receive the maximum benefit from this gentle and sympathetic therapy. Wearing comfortable clothes you recline on a couch under a light blanket. Your practicioner will lightly place her hands on specific energy points on your head, body, arms and legs. You may experience feelings of warmth, heat, coolness, tingling or a feeling of being relaxed and at peace.

Reiki is not tied to any particular belief or religion but connects to our own recognition and understanding of the energy that is present in all living things. It may be given at any time and is compatible with other therapies.

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